This blog is about the cynical musings of an easily disgruntled teacher, namely me.  A colleague/mentor described me as a ‘no person’ on account of my constant critique of ideas. Fundamentally I believe we are obligated to try & place a critical lens over everything we engage with.

I started this blog as a way for me to think on paper about different issues I am confronted with.  Somehow this type of formalisation results in shock (at how poor my reasoning is) or bumptious jubilation at how much I like my ideas.  More often, though, it is frustration, as I can’t seem to agree on anything.  You may find that I represent a perspective that is not my own, a type of play in making a case for an idea (a way for me to evaluate it).  On another it is about keeping myself busy with writing output as I have become out of touch recently.

I am a Team Leader & teacher of classical studies & history at Albany Senior High School in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am also a Senior Editor with Solution Second (Onthisday.com) & an historian.  I completed my MA & PhD in history at The University of Auckland & my teacher training at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.  The views expressed here are my own & don’t represent any institution or other views.


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